CYTENA single cell printing technology (patented) enables fully automated isolation of single cells, with user friendly software and multiple applications including CLD, single cell genomics and R&D.

With the recent launch of the new UP.SIGHT, this technology is now coupled with 3D Full Well Imaging for double assurance of clonality. Using a unique, extremely gentle technology to print the cells gives excellent recovery rates. Compatible with a wide range of plate types – both 96 & 384 wells (SBS Format).

CYTENA’s technology offers documented proof of clonality with excellent cell viability and zero risk of cross-contamination; and it is suitable for many applications, including generating biopharmaceuticals like monoclonal antibodies.

Take a look at the extensive range of single-cell dispensing solutions that document cell clonality and improve the efficiency of your workflows.

The newly launched UP.SIGHT offers CYTENA’s patented single-cell dispensing technology with the addition of a newly designed EASY.ON cartridge, Cell Focusing technology to minimise cell loss, and an additional imaging system that provides a full well image for double assurance of clonality.


Ellen Harrington
Technical Sales Specialist